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With new platforms for education in photography and videography and equipment reviews, we decided to contribute our unique perspectives to the conversation. We are photographers, videographers, designers, and creative professionals who are obsessed with everything and anything related to the field.

Our goal is to provide an experience-driven webseries that entertains and educates audiences on techniques, products, and to motivate an emerging community of hobbyists and professionals.




Norman is a multi-disciplinary designer with a broad spectrum of expertise in photography, video production, business development, and marketing. Having dabbled in these multitude of areas, he’s able to blend it all together and hopes to share how you can do it as well. Alongside he also runs his own wedding company in Vancouver, B.C.



Mark’s background is in the film industry. He’s worked as a camera operator and editor for short films, weddings, and advertising. Starting with filmmaking, and learning photography later, Mark hopes to share his unique approach to learning photography and video production.

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