Better late than never right?!

It’s been a while but I’ve finally decided to take the leap and purchase a Canon 5D Mark IV as my main stills photography camera.

This is a major jump coming from my Canon 5D Mark II purchased in 2011.. yes you read that right. A Canon 5D Mark II?! That thing first came out late 2008.. which makes it nearly 10 years old now. It honestly is still a great and functional camera, but the improved specs on the Canon 5D Mark IV made it a fairly easy decision — except for the camera’s steep price of ~$4500 CAD for Canadians!

After heavily debating between the Sony A7R II and Sony A7S II last year, I ultimately went with the Sony A7S II for the advanced low light capabilities. Knowing that the 11 megapixels wasn’t going to cut it for professional photos, a new photography camera was needed the next year.

At this point the Canon 5D Mark IV wasn’t even announced yet, so I was anxiously waiting to know if and when this would happen. I have to say expectations wise, I truly wanted Canon to re-embrace videographers again and compete with Sony for market share. Unfortunately we all know now that this didn’t turn out to be the case.. with them keeping in mind their cinema camera line-up.

One really important note that I encountered last year with the Sony A7S II that I feel should be brought up more often is workflow. When you are upgrading to cameras with an improved megapixel count or greater resolution than your existing setup, you may have to consider if your computer has enough processing power to handle it, or that you can play back the footage in real time. It is also needed for you to reconsider your hard-drive and back-up situation for files.

It isn’t as simple as just buying a new camera, you have to really think about how it will impact your workflow as a whole.

Enjoy the unboxing, and let me know if you have any questions below!


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– Norman

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